• The Story of Acacia Wood

    Posted on Nov 05, 2017

    The story of Acacia Wood begun when we were trying to Go Green. Back then, we were thinking of all kinds of green materials that we could use to create our products. One of the materials that we considered was Acacia Timber.

    Why did we choose Acacia Timber?

    First, it was because the Acacia trees are suitable for planting and growing in Indonesia. Acacia is one of the fastest-growing species that can be used for wood-working processes, as soon as it reaches 15 years of age.

    The other reason was because of the technologies that we use. We concentrate ourselves in using technologies that will produce the best yields in terms of wood recovery. And, Acacia wood is one of the best option because it produces the fewest left-overs.

    This is why we choose Acacia Wood to be our brand. We choose green as our color to indicate the color degradation that Acacia leaves experience — from light green to dark green, before turning itself into brown and dry.